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A Better Way to Watch Video Offline

We hear from coaches a lot that they need to burn a DVD so that they can watch their video without an internet connection—in the field house or on the bus ride home.

We understand. Sitting idle and not watching your video can seem like such a waste of time during the season. But we think you should ditch the DVDs.

There are four ways you can watch your video offline with Hudl:

Download to Your iPhone or iPad

Viewing your games on your mobile device is the tops. Download your playlists to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch before you hit the road if you’re in for a long bus ride.

Download a Playlist Through Your Manage Page

There’s a great feature in the Manage Library page that will let you download any of your playlists and have the files sent to you in an email. Once you get the files, you can download them to your desktop, then use whatever video player you may have to watch the video.

This tutorial will walk you through it.

Take Your Hudl Presentation Offline

If your team has a Gold or Platinum package, you can load your video clips into the Hudl Presenter. After you’ve created your presentation, you can download to your computer to watch in your field house.

This tutorial will show you how to create a presentation and this tutorial will show you how to download it to your computer.

Download Playlists to the Video Editor

You can put the Hudl Video Editor on any computer you want to use to watch video. Before you go on the road for a game, download a few playlists to the Video Editor to watch on the way.

This tutorial will show you how to download a playlist to the Video Editor.

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