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What's Up with Hudl Support?

Hudl Support

July was a busy month for the Hudl Support Team. Even though football season is still a few weeks away, we’re taking more and more calls every week.

Here are some stats from the month of July:

Hudl Support

We recently changed our survey to provide us with more direct feedback. We ask two simple questions:

  1. How would you rate your overall experience? (Awesome/ Average/Awful)
  2. If you led a customer service team, would you hire the person you worked with? (Yes/No)

1,054 people filled out surveys in July. Of those 1,054 surveys:

Our goal is still to provide world-class support 100% of the time. The feedback you leave in these surveys help us get better every day. If you get a survey, please let us know how we did so that we can ensure we’re getting you taken care of.

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