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What's Up with Hudl Support?

Hudl Support

July was a busy month for the Hudl Support Team. Even though football season is still a few weeks away, we’re taking more and more calls every week.

Here are some stats from the month of July:

  • We took 5,481 calls through the entire month, which equates to 261 calls per business day.
  • Our average hold time for the month was 29 seconds (sorry if you were hoping to hear more Back in Black or Ghostbusters).
  • We also answered 2,067 emails from coaches.
  • This summer was the first time we offered chat support, and coaches have really caught on. Since we added the feature in May, we’ve taken 2,058 chats.

Hudl Support

We recently changed our survey to provide us with more direct feedback. We ask two simple questions:

  1. How would you rate your overall experience? (Awesome/ Average/Awful)
  2. If you led a customer service team, would you hire the person you worked with? (Yes/No)

1,054 people filled out surveys in July. Of those 1,054 surveys:

  • 1,022 (97%) said we were Awesome.
  • 1,048 (99.4%) said they would hire the person they worked with.

Our goal is still to provide world-class support 100% of the time. The feedback you leave in these surveys help us get better every day. If you get a survey, please let us know how we did so that we can ensure we’re getting you taken care of.

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