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Practice Scripts: Common Questions and New Enhancements

Hudl Play Card

Our Practice Scripts beta has been out for a couple weeks now, and just like we asked, coaches have been using the heck out of them to help us make them awesome for the 2013 season.

Currently (as of 8/14), the beta program is temporarily closed while we work out a few kinks and add a few more enhancements. You should still fill out our form, and we’ll activate Practice Scripts for your whole staff as soon as we re-open the beta.

We’ve been getting a few questions about using Practice Scripts and what we have coming down the pipe. We’ve got all that information covered in the post:

This tutorial will answer the following questions:

  1. How do I create a Hudl practice script? Video tutorial
  2. How do I draw routes on my play cards? Video tutorial
  3. How do I print my practice script? Video tutorial
  4. How do I change my columns in practice scripts? Video tutorial
  5. How do I add a defensive front? Video tutorial

Also, we just rolled out some enhancements based off of your feedback. Here’s what’s new:

  • Delete Button - We added a Delete button to the play diagramming window to make it easier to delete routes, blocks, players, and text notes. You can still use the Delete key on your keyboard as a shortcut. If you are on a Mac, you should use Fn+Delete.
  • DEF FRONT as a default column - We added the DEF FRONT column to all new practice scripts by default. This will make it easier to name the defensive front you are drawing on a card so you can reuse it later. If you enter a front you’ve already drawn, Hudl should automatically place that on the card.

Enhancements coming soon:

  • Faster Copying – This will give you the ability to mouse over a play on the script and, with one click, make a copy of it.
  • More Video – We currently only show clips tagged as offensive (ODK set to O) and clips with OFF FRONT and OFF PLAY filled out in the practice scripts side bar. The plan is to instead show any video clip you have in your Opponent Scout folder.
  • Printing More Cards Per Page – We want to give you the ability to print 4, 6, or 8 cards per page as well as printing just the script (and no cards).
  • Adding a “Comments” Column – There will be a column on the script where you can type general comments for that play.
  • Printing Bugs – We’re working hard to smash printing bugs that are causing cards to not show up on the page correctly.
  • Template bugs – We’re working hard to fix issues where Hudl isn’t applying the formations, fronts, and plays you’ve already drawn. There are still a handful of times Hudl either won’t use the correct diagram or leave routes or players behind.
  • Player Shading – This will give you the ability to put left or right shades on your offensive linemen.

Long Term Enhancements (probably won’t be ready for the 2012 season, but high priority for 2013):

  • Sharing with Players – You can’t easily share practice scripts with your players through Hudl just yet, but we want to get there. In the meantime, the best alternative is to save the script as a .pdf (here’s how) and share that file with your players.
  • Integration with Hudl Reports – Right now, the diagrams in reports are separate from the diagrams in practice scripts. For 2013 we hope to unify everything so you only have to draw them once.
  • Integration with Presentations – This will give you the ability to drop diagrams into presentation slides.
  • Playbook Features – We want to expand these features to allow you to create full playbooks.
  • Special Teams Plays – This will give you the ability to show a longer field to diagram kicking plays.

These are just what we have planned so far. There will be plenty more enhancements based off of the feedback you and other coaches provide. We’ll keep you updated as we release more enhancements down the road.

If you have a suggestion for Practice Scripts, the best way to get those in front of our developers is through our feedback form.

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