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Practice Scripts: Common Questions and New Enhancements

Hudl Play Card

Our Practice Scripts beta has been out for a couple weeks now, and just like we asked, coaches have been using the heck out of them to help us make them awesome for the 2013 season.

Currently (as of 8/14), the beta program is temporarily closed while we work out a few kinks and add a few more enhancements. You should still fill out our form, and we’ll activate Practice Scripts for your whole staff as soon as we re-open the beta.

We’ve been getting a few questions about using Practice Scripts and what we have coming down the pipe. We’ve got all that information covered in the post:

This tutorial will answer the following questions:

  1. How do I create a Hudl practice script? Video tutorial
  2. How do I draw routes on my play cards? Video tutorial
  3. How do I print my practice script? Video tutorial
  4. How do I change my columns in practice scripts? Video tutorial
  5. How do I add a defensive front? Video tutorial

Also, we just rolled out some enhancements based off of your feedback. Here’s what’s new:

Enhancements coming soon:

Long Term Enhancements (probably won’t be ready for the 2012 season, but high priority for 2013):

These are just what we have planned so far. There will be plenty more enhancements based off of the feedback you and other coaches provide. We’ll keep you updated as we release more enhancements down the road.

If you have a suggestion for Practice Scripts, the best way to get those in front of our developers is through our feedback form.

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