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New Tools: Edit Your Video and Intercut Multiple Angles Online

Hudl Online Intercut

You love your camera guy, but let’s face it, occasionally he pays closer attention to the cheerleaders than the game and forgets to stop the camera between plays. If you didn’t have time to check before you uploaded to Hudl.com, you were stuck with that extra-long clip until you downloaded your video back to the Hudl Video Editor, split the clip, then re-published the video. A lot of hassle for one clip, huh?

Now all your basic editing tools are built into your Hudl.com library page. Quickly split or combine clips and intercut angles online.

Here are some sweet ways we see you using these new features:

Hudl Online Intercut

Intercut Multiple Angles Online

Picture this: Coach Johnson uses Hudl Mercury to upload the sideline angle to Hudl.com immediately after the game with his Mac. Coach Mead does the same with the end zone angle from his PC when he gets home. Now you have two angles already in your Library, just waiting to be intercut. You log in, select the two playlists, click Intercut, and have Hudl automatically sync the two angles together based on the timecodes in the video. Match up your first clips on each and let Hudl to the rest. You’ll love how slick it is with better, smarter auto-match for your angles.

Everyone can pitch in with the uploading process, rather than the burden falling on one coach. Plus, using two computers to upload both your angles at the same time means the video is online twice as fast (three times as fast for you triple-angle teams).

This tutorial will get you started.

Split or Combine Clips Online

Hudl Online Split

Instant film trade with other teams is an awesome feature in Hudl, but too many times you receive video that needs to be edited. That meant you had to download your video to the Hudl Video Editor to split or combine clips. Now you can edit your exchanged film right from your library.

Get started editing your clips online.

There’s even more in these new tools – you can rename video angles, quickly swap the order of your angles, and coming soon, you’ll be able to trim your clips to get rid of the useless video at the beginning and end.

Meet the team behind the new online editing tools:

Try it out and let us know what you think.

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