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Hudl Support: Common Questions We've Been Hearing

Hudl Support

Last weekend kicked off our in-season support hours. We spoke with a lot of coaches who had some great questions.

Lucky for coaches who don’t start until this weekend, last week’s trailblazers were able to help us recognize a few questions we should answer for coaches.

Make your life a little easier this weekend and test these things out before your game:

Forgot Your Password

Forgot Password Hudl

We understand. You may not have used you Hudl account all summer, and now you’re required to remember your login information. It can be extremely frustrating to have that one little word keeping you from working with your video. Luckily, you can forgo sitting on hold and get your password reset without even talking to a Hudl team member.

It’s simple. Just click the Forgot My Password button located under the login fields. We’ll send an email that will let you reset your password. Just click the link, and you’ll be set to log in to Hudl.

Fuzzy Video on a Mac

We saw this a few times, and it’s a really simple fix. If your video playback is fuzzy on your Mac follow these steps:

Silverlight Preferences Hudl

  1. From your library, right click on the video screen and select Silverlight Preferences.
  2. In the resulting window, uncheck the box that says Enable hardware-acceleration playback.
  3. Exit out of that screen to get back to the Library page. You may have to refresh your page for the settings to take place.

Can’t Watch Shared Video on Your Mobile Device

Hudl App Store

If you check your email on your phone or iPad and see that video has been shared to you, odds are, the first thing you do is click that link to watch the video. Once you do, you most likely get a notification that you need Silverlight to watch the video. To watch video on any mobile device, you need to have the Hudl app downloaded. Any video that’s shared to you will show up in the app right away, so resist the urge to click the link from your inbox, and instead open the app to watch the video.

To download the Hudl app:

  1. Open up your device’s App Store or Marketplace.
  2. Search for Hudl.
  3. Download the app for free.
  4. BOOM! Begin viewing video on your phone or tablet.

Video Upload Errors Out/You’re Not Able to Log In to Video Editor or Mercury

If you haven’t tried publishing video yet, we recommend you test it out before your first game. Security settings on school computers can change from one year to the next, and you may have an issue with a firewall.

Before your game, try a few things to make sure you’re good to go:

  • Log in to Hudl Video Editor or Hudl Mercury.
  • Publish video to Hudl.com.

If any of those don’t work for you, pass our firewall information on to your IT staff.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have.

Good luck this weekend!

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