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Football Season Awesomeness: Check Out Our New Features

Practice Scripts Hudl

It’s been a crazy few months around here. We’ve pushed out a bunch of exciting updates just in time for the beginning of football season. We’re excited to see coaches push Hudl this season and get the most out of all these new features and enhancements.

If you missed what’s new or just need a refresher, here’s a list of everything that’s new since last season:

Tag a Game Feature for iPhone and iPod Touch

Hudl Mercury Mac

Hudl Mercury for Mac

Create Practice Scripts and Draw Play Cards

Edit Your Video and Intercut Multiple Angles Online

Let Hudl Pay for Itself with DVD Fundraising

Hudl Fundraising

Use DSV Commando and Hudl Coaches Remotes with your Mac

Breakdown Settings and Reports for 8-man and Canadian football

Hudl Chat

Live Chat with Hudl Support - Live chat is the newest way to get ahold of one of our 25 support ninjas. Live chat is great if you just have a quick question. We’ll send you links to support resources through the chat window so you can get back to your video.

Use Hudl on Your Kindle Fire

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