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Domination Checklist: Get Your Video Workflow Down

Videographer Hudl

This is the third installment of our Domination Checklist series, meant to get you in an awesome place to start the football season. This week: Get your staff and film crew up to speed with your cameras and video workflow. Taking a few minutes outside of practice to make sure you’re on the same page with your coaching staff and film crew will make your life easier on game day.

Here are five things we recommend:

1. Train Your Cameramen and Coaches

Set expectations with your film crew early so you’re getting the best video of your team. This post from Jamie Guy walks through Colorado’s routine before a game.

2. Avoid the Seven Common Videographer Mistakes

Your film crew may just be the junior high brother of your quarterback, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get great video. Teach them what to avoid and you’ll have quality video to work with after your game.

3. Get Video Uploaded Quickly with Hudl Mercury for Your Mac or for Your PC

This season Mac and PC users both get to reap the benefits of Mercury’s quick uploading. Have someone from your film crew upload your video immediately after the game so your video is waiting in your library when you get home.

4. Break Down Your Game in 30 Minutes

Assign everyone a role, then divide and conquer. This post from Mike Aveni shows how his staff breaks down their game in 30 minutes or less.

5. Edit your video and intercut your angles from your Hudl library

Hudl’s new online editing tools will save you a lot of time this season. Rather than taking the time to download your video back to the Hudl Video Editor, editing your clips and intercutting your angles will fit smoothly into your workflow.

Don’t Forget: Earn free storage

  • You only have one week left to get the Preseason Checklist done. This is a great way to have your system ready for the season - not to mention you get three bonus hours of storage!
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