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What We've Been Up To

Hudlies Summer

With all the new Hudl features, updates, and changes coming out before the fall season, one may begin to wonder if those Hudlies ever have time to go out and have any fun. Rest assured, we always make time for fun and some friendly competition.

Here’s what Hudlies have been up to this summer:

First Annual Kan Jam Tournament

Hudl Kan Jam Winners

The first annual Hudl Kan Jam tournament featured 24 teams of two Hudlies battling the heat and pigeons out on our very own Party Porch Arena. Kan Jam is a yard game that Hudlies have became fond of, and consists of one flying disc and two scoring containers that serve as goals.

The month-long tournament wrapped up on Monday, July 23 with a hard-fought battle between Slots of Fun (Adam Parrish and Kyle Murphy) and Disc Qualified (Eric Clymer and Rob Hruska). Disc Qualified ended up taking the first-ever Hudl Kan Jam championship title in four matches in a best of five match up. Their prize? Two cans of jam.

Hudlies Travel to Kansas City

Hudl Kansas City

Hudlies made an appearance at Kauffman stadium in Kansas City July 14 to enjoy some baseball. The game featured the Midwest’s beloved Kansas City Royals and the Chicago White Sox.

The afternoon before the big game was filled with some tailgating and naturally, a few rounds of Kan Jam. Most of us were excited to see the Royals prevail.

Todd Goes Owl Riding

Owl Ride

The same night Hudlies were in KC, Todd Prauner, Account Manager Ninja, was back in his hometown of Omaha, Neb. participating in the most unique cycling event in the Midwest: the Owl Ride. The event featured a 16-mile route through various neighborhoods in the city. This took place after dark to go along with the nocturnal theme and made frequent pit stops at bars and local businesses. Todd had the pleasure of riding next to a guy with a boombox attached to the back of his bicycle blaring Skrillex. All money raised went to benefit the Meyer Foundation for Disabilities, serving disabled adults in the Omaha area.

What have you been up to? We’d love to see pictures and hear stories about your summer adventures. Post pictures on our Facebook page to let us know.

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