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It's Here: Hudl Mercury for Mac

Hudl Mac Mercury

Just in time for the season—use your Mac from start to finish with Hudl. Throw away that dusty old PC, uninstall Bootcamp, open up your Mac, and start uploading your video to Hudl.com.

The vision behind Mercury for Mac was simplicity. You just need to load your video and walk away. Mercury for Mac will do its thing in the background. We really think you’re going to love it.

Here are some ways to get your video into Mercury for Mac:

  • Rip straight from a DVD
  • Load video straight from your camera or memory card
  • Drag and drop files right onto the app

Note: Mercury for Mac requires OS X Lion (version 10.7 or newer) to run. You can check the version by clicking the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen and selecting About this Mac to make sure you’re good to go.

Get started with the tutorial

If you’re thinking to yourself “What if I want to publish two angles? Mercury can’t do that.” Stay tuned! We’ve got some exciting things coming down the pipe for you.

Meet the team behind Mercury for Mac:

Not using Hudl yet? Get started on your free 30-day free trial before the season to see if Hudl’s right for you.

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