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Domination Checklist: Get Your Hudl Account Ready to Go

Hudl Order DVD

Are you ready for football season? We know we are.

This is the second of our Domination Checklist series, meant to get you in an awesome place to start the football season. This week we’ll help you get your account set up or updated.

Here’s what we recommend to get set up:

Update Your Roster & Schedule

Get your coaches and athletes rosters up-to-date:

Updating your schedule is key to categorizing your video when you publish to Hudl.com. Get that taken care of before your first game:

Clean Up Old Video

There’s no better way to start fresh than cleaning out old things. Delete old playlists from your Library and save those files to your computer or to a DVD.

Activate Fundraising and Your Referral Program

Hudl Fundraising allows fans to give back to your team by purchasing highlights and full-game DVDs through Hudl. Once you activate, for every DVD purchased, $10 will go toward your invoice.

Have you been pestering your buddy all summer to finally get Hudl? You should be rewarded for all your hard work. Once you activate Hudl rewards, we’ll give you a promo code to give coaches before they sign up. They’ll get 10% off for using your code and you’ll get cash money in return. It’s really that simple.

Check Your Invoice

Finallly, check your invoice to make sure it’s not coming due soon. Being locked out from your video because of an overdue invoice is really the pits.

To view your invoice, log in to your account and hang your mouse over your name in the top right corner and click on Billing and Invoices.

You can also contact our billing department if you have any questions:

Phone- (402) 817-0060 ext. 1


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