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Apps We're Loving Right Now

There are millions of apps out there just waiting to be downloaded to your device. Apps are great. Apps solve some of life’s most perplexing problems:

Here are some apps we’re loving right now, that we think you’ll love to:

Gesture Search App

Gesture Search lets you search your Android by drawing on the screen. For example, if you need to call Coach Johnson, draw a “J” on the screen, and it will search your contacts. The app stores your past searches so search results get better as you keep using it.


FreeCaddie App

FreeCaddie has more than 21,000 mapped golf courses for you to download. Download a course before you play and get the yardage to the hole. You can upgrade to Pro to get some fun extras like course hazards, distances to bunkers, and scoring.


Viggle App

If you like free stuff and television, Viggle is an awesome app for you. Viggle gives you rewards for watching your favorite TV shows. Check in to your favorite show and get trivia and fun facts while you’re watching.


Snapseed App

Snapseed is a photo editor for your iPad. It’s user friendly, so novice to professional photographers will enjoy using it. We think this is a great app to use during the season to capture some sweet action shots.


Fahrenheit app

There are a lot of weather apps out there, and they all do pretty much the same thing. We like this one because it displays the current temperature outside as a badge on the app icon. Glance at your phone quickly before you head out to practice to know what temperature you’ll be dealing with.

What are your favorite apps? Let us know how you like any of the apps we listed here.

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