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Using the GoPro Camera as a Teaching Tool

We’re always looking for tools to take our program to the next level. Last year we started incorporating the GoPro camera into spring and summer practices and our 7 on 7 tournaments and it’s had a huge impact. It’s become an invaluable teaching tool for us.

The GoPro camera is lightweight and not intrusive, so it doesn’t interfere with what we’re trying to do. It gives us a glimpse into what the athlete is thinking when he’s out there, and when we’re done, we come away with a comprehensive video that lets us know where we need to work.

Using the Film to Teach

Our athletes: Film sessions are more efficient with the video we have from the GoPro camera. When we can watch a defender in the camera, our offensive players can see all the windows that open when players move. We get four or five really valuable angles to review with our athletes.

Incoming athletes: We are building a library of plays so we can teach incoming athletes. The perspective the camera provides helps them fully understand what they need to do when they’re out there. It helps by quickening their thought process and allows them to take mental reps from home.

Other coaches: We put together a youth coaching clinic where we film simulations and put them together in a playlist. It helps to be able to say “Here is the exact progression our quarterback uses.” or “Here are the reads our linebacker makes when we are in this call.”

Our staff: After watching the GoPro film one night after practice, we realized we needed to tag a different route on one of our pass concepts. We weren’t influencing the defender the way we wanted to so we tagged the route differently to hold one of the defenders that was making our window smaller. The next morning, when we tried out the new route combination, the first time we ran the concept, we scored a touchdown.

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Check out the GoPro website to learn more about these nifty cameras.

Coach Mac has served athletes of nearly every age, high school for more than a decade, coordinating all facets of the game. Recently retired from education and his head coaching position at Apache Junction HS in Arizona, Coach MacDonald now serves full time as a private quarterbacks coach and strategy consultant. Visit www.authorityfootball.com for additional articles on QB play and passing strategy.

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