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The Weekly Hudl: A Call for Accountable Umpires, Instagram + MLB and More

Happy Friday! Here’s what we’ve been reading this week:

  • Jim Leyland asks the media for help in umpire accountability.
  • Instagram takes MLB by storm.
  • Mobile is revolutionizing education.
  • A look behind the scenes at the Canadian Paralympic commercial.


Leyland Calls for Umpire Accountability

Source: Deadspin

Umpiring. It’s the hardest job in sports. Do the job right and you are never noticed, do it wrong and everyone comes after you. Unfortunately for many MLB umpires, this week has been a rough one. Chicago White Sox TV announcer Hawk Harrelson, New York Yankees catcher Russell Martin, and Detroit Tigers coach Jim Leyland all had words for their umpires. Leyland is handling things a little bit different though. He’s calling to the media for help in holding umpires accountable.

“Leyland is calling out the media. He knows umpires aren’t going to be held accountable by the rant of a spurned manager. But maybe, just maybe, if the writers actually write and the reporters report that some umpires egregiously blew a call, refused to ask for help, and handed out ejections at the flap of a lip, maybe then MLB might take some notice.”

Read the article here.


Instagram and MLB – the New Power Couple

Source: Mashable

There’s nothing like the scenic view from the stands at a baseball game. Couple that with one of Instagram’s photo filters, and you have quite the dynamic duo. This season, baseball fans have really taken to documenting their experience on the photo-sharing network. So far, more than 40,000 pictures of ballparks have been posted to Instagram.

Just a month into the 2012 season and there has been a 400% increase in Instagram photos posted from big league parks compared to the entire 2011 season.

Read the article here.


How Mobile is Changing Education

Source: Co.Design

We’re constantly working on Hudl’s mobile platform to make it better for our coaches and athletes. It’s awesome to see other ways mobile is influencing education. Not only is mobile learning making educational tools more readily available, it’s helping to level the playing field and make these same tools available to the masses, breaking age and income barriers.

Up until now, most people relegated “education” to a finite time in their lives: entering school at around five years old and attending school institutions all the way to university…This model, which has its roots in the industrial era, is quickly becoming less relevant or applicable to the way we live our lives in the connected age.

Read the article here.


Ad from the Canadian Paralympic Committee = Coolest Thing You’ve Seen this Month

Source: Lifehacker

The inspirational ad from the Canadian Paralympic Committee has been out for a few weeks now, but I still get chills every time I watch it. Adding to my amazement of the video: it was shot in one take on a dark, rainy afternoon. Incredible.

The ad was shot in one single take and did not make use of CGI effects. The imagery is quite powerful, even more so knowing that what you see is what actually took place on that dark and ominous track.

Read the article here.

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