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Spice Up Lower Body Training Days with a Circuit

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It’s easy to get bored with the same offseason workout. We like to switch things up by going through a circuit. Sometimes we’ll use them at the beginning of a workout for warm-up, or sometimes at the end to add an element of competitiveness.

If your warm-up has gotten stale, here are some exercises to throw in the mix for lower body strength training days:

  1. Prisoner Squats – Feet shoulder width apart, hands behind head squat down keeping stomach tight.
  2. Crossover Lunges – Facing forward step across body, touch down with hand, return to starting position, repeat other direction.
  3. Side Lunges – Step directly to side keeping knee over toe, return to original position, repeat other side.
  4. Split Jumps – Start in lunge position, jump straight up while in the air switch legs, jump immediate and repeat.
  5. Side Skaters – Start with weight on outside leg, jump to the side, land on other leg and touch toe with opposite hand, jump back and repeat.
  6. Two Leg Front Hops – Same as one leg front hop, but jumping off two feet instead of one. Remember to keep center of mass over line.
  7. Tuck Jumps – Jump in place, bring knees to chest and repeat jumping off ground as quick as possible, landing should be soft and quick.
  8. Power Step Ups – Start with foot on box, jump off that foot, while in the air switch feet, land and jump again off other foot.
  9. Replacements – Start with one foot on box, replace foot with other foot in running manner pumping the arms.

Sample warm up circuits for lower body training days:

Warm-up 1

  • Crossover Lunges - 20
  • Side Lunges - 20
  • Replacements - 20
  • Side Box Hops - 20
  • Split Jumps - 20

Warm-up 2

  • One Legged Side Hops - 20
  • Two Legged Front Hops - 20
  • Side Skaters - 20
  • Power Step Ups - 20
  • Tuck Jumps - 20

Warm-up 3

  • Prisoner Squats - 20
  • Two Legged Box Hops - 20
  • Replacements - 20
  • Crossover Lunges - 20
  • Split Jumps - 20

A good warm-up should last between five to ten minutes with the goal of increasing your internal, core body temperature. Following the work-out, be sure to take time to cool down and stretch.

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Rob Taylor is the founder and owner of SMARTER Team Training. Coach Taylor has coached and consulted with Loylola University-Maryland, Lacrosse World Cup Champion’s Team Australia, and Austraila’s 2009 World Cup Team.

He has worked with professional organizations such as the Anaheim Angels, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tampa Bay Mutiny, and San Antonio Silver Stars. Follow Coach Taylor on Twitter @SMARTERTeam, email him at coachtaylor@smarterteamtraining.com or vist http://smarterteamtraining.com.

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