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Meet the New Hudlies

Hudlies Training

We’ve been adding a lot of new talent to our awesome team in the last few months. Tonight we’ll be celebrating the newest batch of Hudlies completing three grueling weeks of Hudl training.

We asked the new crew to choose a song they would use for their stinger or the song that would be used for the made-for-TV movie about their lives. You’ll see the selection was just as varied as the new personalities we have in the office, which is awesome.

Hopefully we’re providing some new music to take you into your weekend:

Matthew May Hudl Mathew May | Coach Support

Brianna Black Hudl Brianna Black | Coach Support

Brian Clymer Hudl Brian Clymer | Development Intern

Caitlin Donohoe Hudl Caitlin Donohoe | Coach Support

Michael Zoerb Hudl Michael Zoerb | Coach Support

Rob Hruska Hudl Rob Hruska | Software Engineer

Ashley Broesch Hudl Ashley Broesch | Coach Support

Jessica Asbury Hudl Jessica Asbury | Coach Support

Eric Clymer Hudl Eric Clymer | Software Developer

Alli Pane Hudl Alli Pane | Coach Support

Mike Williams Hudl Mike Williams | Product Designer

Jason West Hudl Jason West | Coach Support

Dan Glasser Hudl Dan Glasser | Software Engineer

Abraham Chavez Hudl Abraham Chavez | Software Engineer

Toby Schroder Hudl Toby Schroder | Product Designer

Sara Breen Hudl Sara Breen | Coach Support

Jared Stauffer Hudl Jared Stauffer | Coach Support

Jason Criser Hudl Jason Criser | Coach Support

Tyler Bell Hudl Tyler Bell | Coach Support

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