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Hudl Coaches Remotes and DSV Commando Remotes Now Work on Macs

Hudl Mac Remote

Last Thursday we officially rolled out support for our Hudl Coaches Remote and the DSV Commando ES remote on the Mac platform. For our coaches that want to sit back and control their video and presentations in Hudl with one hand and your mouse far away, you have even more options now.

We’ve supported the Smart Pointer on the Mac platform for a couple years now, but we know sometimes you want a bigger remote that is customized to the way coaches watch video. With the popularity of Macs growing (they are even sprouting up left and right here at the Hudl office) we want to make sure the experience of using Hudl on a Mac is silky smooth.

Here are a few helpful links related to using remote controls with Hudl:

Hudl Mac Remote Menu

As far as requirements, you need to be running the Snow Leopard version of Mac OS X or newer (version 10.6 or newer) and using a Hudl Coaches Remote or a DSV Commando ES remote. We are not supporting other types of remotes for Macs at this time. As always, if you run into any issues or have questions - contact our support team.

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