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Get Help via Live Chat within Hudl

hudl chat

Our support team is a huge reason that Hudl has been successful over the years. We’re one of the few companies I can think of that actively encourages its customers to call or email the support team.

Recently, we launched another way for you to interact with the friendliest team of 25 support experts you’ll ever meet.

hudl chat example

Just look for the new Chat with Someone option under the Help menu in the main orange nav bar. On every page except the Library page, the chat box will automatically display at the bottom of the page. Click to open it, ask a question, and someone will help you.

Hat tip to Olark for building a great chat support tool. Double hat tip to Brian Clymer & Jake Mullins for incorporating it into Hudl. Triple hat tip to our support team who’s anxious to answer your chats and solve your problems.

Tell us about your experiences with our support team in the comments below.

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