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Book Giveaway—War Room: The Legacy of Bill Belichick and the Art of Building the Perfect Team

War Room book

When it came time to pick our June Book of the Month, I went straight to our resident Coach. Greg, one of our Coach Support Leads, is currently reading War Room: The Legacy of Bill Belichick and the Art of Building the Perfect Team.

Here’s why we’re all vying for his copy:

War Room gives an inside look at why Belichick is considered the NFL’s best coach and how he developed his strategy for putting together the right team. It starts with Belichick working in an office with Thomas Dimitroff and Scott Pioli, who would become their own forces in the NFL. The three are separated for some time, but then reunite at New England where they begin to build the Patriots franchise we know today.

Greg’s Takeaways

Selecting Draft Picks

This book focuses on Belichick’s philosophy behind draft picks and making smart trades. A constant theme throughout the book is that it takes a lot of research to build the right team, along with a little luck. There are countless examples of Belichick’s successful teams and bad years. With draft picks, you can’t always win. There will be some mistakes. Belichick built a way to evaluate players that gave his coaches a snapshot of who the player was.

Finding Success as a Coach

Moving up in the coaching world involves working hard, making the right first impressions and developing great relationships. The book helps highlight the struggles and successes of a coach. The long hours, uncertainty of the future, moving the family constantly, and the constant pressure to win.

What biographies do you think give the best insight into the world of coaching? What should we be reading this summer?

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