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The Weekly Hudl: Facebook Can Save Lives, a Husker Baseball Dance Off, and more

This week:

  • Junior Seau Remembered
  • How to Save a Life with Facebook
  • New Ways of Finding Ideas
  • Husker Baseball Does a Rain Dance
  • Finding Football’s Sabermetrics

The Night Junior Seau Picked Up A Marine Captain’s Tab and Serenaded Bar Patrons with a Ukulele

Source: Deadspin Hudlies

In sports, nearly all the off-field-activities we hear from the media revolve around an athlete’s criminal record or wrongdoing. There is not enough attention given to sports heroes who are being normal guys and making positive impacts. Former NFL All-Pro Junior Seau was found dead on Wednesday, and all indications since his passing have led us to believe he was one of the ‘good guys.’

“After a few minutes, the older of the three Samoan men had asked what I was up to in Oceanside and I had told him that I was a Captain in the Marines headed back to my home station at Camp Lejeune, N.C. Junior Seau interrupted and said, “Wow, man. I really admire what you do. You guys are real heroes.” Starstruck for a moment, I didn’t know how to respond. Did one of my childhood heroes really just call me a hero? He did indeed, and refused to let me pay for my dinner or any more drinks for the night.”

Read the full article here.

Zuckerberg’s Dinners with Girlfriend Help Spur Life-Saving Facebook Tool

Source: Yahoo! News Hudlies

Facebook has become the epitome of communicating and staying in contact with others. Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook crew launched a new feature that allows users to add whether or not they are organ donors to their timelines. Their hope is to raise awareness for the need of organ donors across the country.

“We think that people can really help spread awareness of organ donation and that they want to participate in this to their friends,” Zuckerberg told ABC’s Robin Roberts in an exclusive interview at the company’s headquarters.”

Read the full article here.

Discovering the Best Business Ideas

Source: Inc.com Hudlies

Move over intellect, there is a new guy in town; IDEA. According to Andy Boynton and Bill Fischer, Authors of The Idea Hunter, successful innovation does not happen through extreme intellect, but rather through the fascination and desire for hearing, creating, and thinking about ideas.

“What we realized was that it didn’t matter if someone was from finance or marketing or accounting or R&D; we were working with people who made their living based off the ideas in their head. At the end of the day, we observed through our research that great leaders are great idea hunters. They bring ideas into an organization. They bring ideas into a team. They move things forward through the power of ideas, not through their intellect or their genius. It was really about their ability to go around the world and find ideas, repurpose those ideas, and create something brand new.”

Read the full article here.

Football: By the Numbers

Source: Longhorn Digest Hudlies

Most sports outside of baseball are still searching for their sabermetrics-style statistics that can give them an edge in evaluating teams and players. Manny Diaz, UT Defensive Coordinator, is one coach who obsesses over finding such stats. This article details some of the statistics he finds useful and where the world of football stats is trending.

“Whereas it might once be considered an advanced metric to look at red zone efficiency, Diaz said Texas is focused on red zone touchdown efficiency.

“You can win a national championship by making people kick field goals in the red zone,” Diaz said. “And you can finish last, in theory, in red zone defense. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Read the full article here.

Husker Baseball Team Entertains with Skits and Dance Moves

Source: KLKN News Hudlies

We had to give a little hometown love to the Husker baseball team. They decided to make the best of a rained out game by having a dance off against Cal Bakersfield. Things got creative and eveyone enjoyed the positive, fun spirit of both teams. We wish we had these moves when we did our office dance off.

Read the full article here.

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