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Mac Mercury Preview, Online Editing Preview, and More

Although it’s been a while since we’ve posted a major update, the Hudl product team has been killing it. This month we’re proud to announce some of what’s been keeping us so busy for the past four months:

  • Upgrade Your Account Directly from Hudl.com
  • Easier Highlight and Profile Sharing
  • Preview: Mercury for Mac
  • Preview: “Online” Video Editing & Intercutting
  • Preview: Top Play

Upgrade Your Account Directly from Hudl.com

The Hudl Gold and Platinum packages offer some great benefits over Silver. If you’re loving the product, consider upgrading directly from the Billing & Invoices page (it’s under your name in the orange nav bar).

Upgrade Hudl Account

Click Upgrade next to the package you want to upgrade. You’ll see a comparison of the packages with a brief video explaining the benefits.

Share Highlights and Profiles More Easily

Share Highlight In the past it was confusing to share a specific highlight with your fans. Now we make a clear distinction between sharing your profile page vs. a specific highlight reel you’ve made.

To do the latter, use the sharing buttons closest to the highlight video player.

Kyle, Melissa, and Andy finished that project very quickly and have tons more in store for highlights this year.

Preview: Mercury for Mac

Oh my—it’s happening. We’re hard at work creating a silky smooth way to publish video natively from your Mac.

Upload Mac Mercury

Jason is calling for coaches who are interested in helping us beta test the app. Hat tip to Jason, Bryce and Nick Adams, our newest designer for sprinting to the finish line with this project.

Preview: “Online” Video Editing & Intercutting

It’s not fun when you realize your intercut has a bogus clip (or is mismatched) online. It’s even worse if you’ve started breaking down the data. Our team is making sure you never have to feel that pain again.

Hudl Online Video Editor

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to make basic video edits and intercut two angles online. You can split a clip in half, merge two clips that are meant to go together, or fix a mismatched intercut without having to go back to Hudl Video Editor.

Preview: Top Play

top play hudl One of our goals is to make your teams and athletes look amazing. We’re striving for super high production value without the super time investment (using tools like Adobe Premiere, After Effects, or Final Cut).

Usually there’s one incredible play from each of your games. If you tell us which play that is, and give us the mad-libs version of what happened, we can build an incredible video highlight around that play.

Other Exciting Improvements

  • Added and upated positions for athletes on lacrosse teams.
  • When you Export to Excel from the clips list on Hudl.com, it respects any sorts and filters you’ve applied to the data.
  • Presentations are now editable by any admin coach on the team. Previously only the creator could edit a presentation.
  • We trimmed the fat from text messages. Also, when you use the Message My Team function, you can choose to only send a text instead of text and email.
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