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Tour Recap: San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Boise

Hudl Up 2012

Ian (or Sweet Ginge, as we call him in the office) led some Hudlies up the West Coast and over to Boise last week for the second week of the Hudl Up Tour. It was another week of learning awesome things from coaches and getting the chance to answer some specific questions about Hudl.

See pictures, follow the tour, or sign up for an upcoming stop at www.hudluptour.com.

Here are some great quotes from our panelists last week:

  • “Even when we’re uploading three angles of film, once the first angle is up there we can start tagging data for the game right away.”
  • “Set realistic expectations with your non-Division I players. Talk to them about what they want to study, and keep them open to Division II and Division III.”
  • “Use a flip cam, an iPhone, etc. to film drills up close then share it on Hudl”

Thoughts from coaches who attended a stop last week:

Can’t make it to a stop? Follow the hashtag #hudlup on Twitter to get tips from coaches and from the Hudl experts.

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