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The Weekly Hudl - Project Glass presents sweet opportunities for coaches, NU’s Beat Lab, and more

Happy Friday! In today’s weekly Hudl:

  • Augmented reality with Project Glass.
  • The future of books is explored.
  • Tricks to keep energy up at practice.
  • Reason’s behind Instragram’s $1 Billion price tag.

Google’s Project Glass Augmented Reality Glasses Begin Testing

Source: The Verge Hudlies

The possibilities for this type of technology in the sports world are pretty limitless –

  • A coach seeing health and performance info overlaid for each athlete on the court
  • Seeing live score updates for your favorite teams while you walk through Home Depot on Saturday
  • A recruiter seeing 40-yard time, bench max, and season stats on each athlete as you watch them doing drills at a combine
  • A long jumper seeing immediate feedback on velocity, distance, and speed after each jump

“A long-rumored Google project, the Project Glass augmented reality glasses were unveiled today by Google on a new Google+ page…These early videos and images show an augmented reality concept that’s deeply integrated with all of Google’s services, with voice commands, video chat, location check-ins, maps (outside and in-store), and much more.”

Read the full article here.

Coding Horror

Source: Jeff Atwood Hudlies

The recent eBook revolution is taking the printed world by surprise. Jeff Atwood talks about how the dead-tree versions of our content were failing us, but that doesn’t mean eBooks are a cure-all. Jeff goes into many new places where the electronic devices aren’t living up to their billing, and his idea for the future.

“Books should not be celebrated. Words, ideas, and concepts should be celebrated. Books were necessary to store these things, simply because we didn’t have any other viable form to contain them. But now we do.”

Read the full article here.

Nebraska’s Beat Lab

Source: Youtube Hudlies

Blasting music during practice is a hot new trend at most college practices and is really catching on at high schools. Of course we can’t have a Gator riding around with a full-blown system like the Huskers, but we’re looking to get a portable speaker for our football team. It’s a battery operated system we’ll use on our practice field. Just insert the iPhone, iPod, etc. in the top and play Pandora Radio. Anything to keep that tempo and energy at practice helps.

Read the full article here.

Why Instagram is Worth $1 Billion to Facebook

Source: Don Dodge Hudlies

The biggest tech news of the week came when Facebook agreed to buy photo-sharing app Instagram for $1 Billion. Ever wonder how that dollar amount was finally agreed upon? There are two things that set Instagram apart in Facebook’s eyes:

  • Ease of use of the app
  • The extremely engaged user base that Instagram boasts.

“If Facebook was worth $80B last week, is it worth $81B now with the addition of Instagram? Yes. Here is why. The number one thing people do on Facebook is share photos. Photos are going mobile in a big way. Instagram is the clear leader in mobile photos.”

Read the full article here.

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