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The Weekly Hudl: Noel Mazzone’s Offensive Philosophies, Happy Birthday Fenway, and more

This week:

  • Noel Mazzone featured on Smart Football
  • Reasons CEOs (and everyone else) should tweet.
  • Alabama’s shattered National Championship Trophy
  • Fenway celebrates 100.
  • Best hotels for wireless internet

Noel Mazzone Shares his Philosophies in Smart Football

Source: smartfootball.com Hudlies

Smart Football is an awesome site for coaching content. This week, UCLA offensive coordinator, Noel Mazzone shares his offensive philosophy as well as other useful coaching tips.

Read the full article here.

Get Your Tweet On

Source: inc.com Hudlies

We love Twitter around here. It’s a great way for us to connect with other Hudl employees in the office in and outside of work. It’s also become a great way for us to connect with coaches and athletes. We love seeing a sweet highlight tweeted by an athlete from their Hudl account or being able to answer questions from coaches quickly from Twitter. Inc.com lays out reasons a CEO should tweet, and we think these are awesome reasons for coaches, parents, or athletes to tweet as well. Building relationships with your team and fans has never been easier.

Read the full article here.

Parent breaks Alabama’s National Championship Trophy

Source: espn.go.com Hudlies

It’s the coveted possession of everyone involved in college football: the eight-pound Waterford crystal football that sits atop the AFCA National Championship Trophy. Alabama had their recently-won 2011 trophy on display for their annual A-Day Game last Saturday. Carleton Tinker, father of senior long snapper Carson Tinker, watched numerous recruits pick up the trophy to see what it felt like. Tinker did the same, placed it back down on the stand and walked away. He turned around when he heard the trophy tumble and saw the $30,000 crystal ball shatter on the floor.

“In my mind, it was slow motion,” Tinker said, “as it rolled off the top of the trophy case onto the table onto the floor. I’m not sure if I bumped the table when I turned around, or if my foot caught on the large tablecloth they had draped and puddled on the floor. That’s exactly what happened.”

Read the full article here.

Happy Birthday, Fenway!

Source: usatoday.com Hudlies

Fenway Park turns 100 today. Lovers and haters of the Red Sox alike can appreciate the significance of this birthday. Reading this history of the famous stadium can make anyone appreciate the ‘Sistine Chapel’ of baseball.

“Our society is so disposable, so quick to tear down buildings and build something else,” Smith says. “Fenway is such a classic. To me, it was important to try to save because it’s been a model for a whole generation of ballparks.”

Read the full article here.

Crappy Internet Can Ruin Your Whole Day

Source: hotelchatter.com Hudlies

With school almost coming to an end and vacation season soon beginning, you’ll probably be on the hunt for a great hotel for you and your family. Not all hotels are created equal, and as far as wireless internet goes, there are several that rise above the rest. These hotels are rated the best for free hotel wireless internet.

Read the full article here.

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