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The Weekly Hudl: Hackers Elect a Cartoon, The Coolest Employee Handbook Ever, and more

Check out the articles that a few Hudlies are reading this week:

  • How to avoid common tech taxes
  • Hackers elect cartoon character to D.C. school board
  • An employee handbook that doesn’t suck
  • A breakdown of the best online storage apps

10 Tech Stupidity Taxes You Should Never Pay

Source: Gizmodo Hudlies

Technology is a fantastic thing. Unfortunately, there are a lot of strings attached when buying a new computer or setting up your new software. This article takes a look at the most common tech “taxes” and how you can avoid them.

“Don’t fall for this flagrant fear-mongering. If your computer seems too slow, there are a number of steps you can take to speed it up on your own, including removing unnecessary programs from the startup list, uninstalling unnecessary software and tweaking your system settings.”

Read the full article here.

Hackers Elect Futurama’s Bender to the Washington D.C. School Board

Source: PC World Hudlies

Security is something we take seriously here at Hudl. We schedule multiple “Hack-a-thons” for our developers every year in an attempt to maintain the level of security our users need. This article chronicles the D.C. School Board’s invitation to hackers to take a swipe at their online election system.

“A group of students from the University of Michigan took the school board up on its offer and by exploiting a weak, generic password elected Futurama character, Bender, to the School Board.”

Read the full article here.

You’re Hired. Now Figure Things Out.

Source: Fast Company Hudlies

This week, employees at Valve Software released their employee handbook on “how not to freak out now that you’re here.” For companies like Hudl who have a unique company culture, this is a must read.

“A group of Valvers cobbled together a survival guide, complete with mock org-charts and drawings of gun-belted video game characters cooking dinner. More importantly for Valve, the book’s already helped shorten the time hires take to assimilate into the company culture.”

Read the full article here.

Google Drive vs. Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync, and others

Source: The Verge Hudlies

With the recent release of Google Drive and SkyDrive’s added paid offerings, Dropbox’s competition is quickly growing. Whether you’re new to cloud storage or considering alternatives to your current plan, The Verge has a great article comparing all major providers.

“We’ll take a look at the top apps that let you sync files between all of your devices automatically, share files using password protection, pick which folders you want to sync, and do anything else you might want to do with a syncing app.”

Read the full article here.

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