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Hudl Up Tour Recap: Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Los Angeles

Hudl Up 2012

Last week’s Hudl Up Tour had us traveling west. Brandon led a group of Hudlies from Salt Lake City to Phoenix and from Phoenix to Los Angeles. We’ve been having a lot of fun along the way–meeting coaches and talking football and Hudl. Remember to fill out your post tour stop survey so we can keep improving these for future stops and next year’s tour.

See pictures, read blog posts, and see the full tour schedule at www.hudluptour.com.

Here are some highlights from last week:

Some great quotes from our coaches:

Hudl Up 2012

  • “Make your highlights all season, not just at the end.”—Matt Bernstein, Director of Recruiting Operations, UCLA
  • “The easier you can get us video the better chance he has of getting recruited”—Matt Bernstein, Director of Recruiting Operations, UCLA
  • “Get a Verizon MiFi device to start uploading your video right after the game.”—Coach Hanley, Seton Catholic HS

Other highlights:

  • Brett, Jordan, and Brandon visited The Sandlot in Salt Lake City. They were able to talk to some local residents who knew a lot about the filming of the movie and its cast. Cookies
  • The McClintock High School boosters provided some awesome baked goods for our coaches to enjoy.
  • Hudlie’s had the honor of meeting Randy Ross, who inspired the ‘Randy Ross’ pizza at Lazarri’s in downtown Lincoln. Coach Ross said he would deliver pizza to the Hudl offices this summer.

Thanks again to all the coaches who came out. You guys have made these events a success.

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