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Book of the Month: Called to Coach


This month, we’re rolling out our book of the month series. Each month, we’ll highlight a member of the Hudl crew and give you an inside look at a book that has motivated them to be a better coach, athlete, or person.

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Kicking things off this month is Kyle Bradburn, internal sales representative. His favorite book is Called to Coach by Bobby Bowden.

Here are his thoughts:

Called to Coach is an inside look at Bobby Bowden’s 55-year career in coaching. The book details Bowden’s career and how he made Florida State into a top-tier program, as well as the road he traveled to become one of the most successful coaches in college football history. As a Florida State graduate, who attended during Bowden’s last years, I enjoyed reading the details of the program and the man I grew up idolizing.

Constant Motivation

The main thing I took away from the book was that Coach Bowden was constantly motivating those around him, not only on the field, but in all aspects of their lives. It reminded me to make decisions that would make me a better person, not just a better coach or player.

Clear expectations

Coach Bowden always laid out his rules in writing on Day 1. This was something I always believed in as a coach, and think it is the best way to set the tone for your players for the season and future years.

Start Small

Coach Bowden shows what a lifetime of hard work and discipline can amount to. He started out at a small school like many coaches, and by building up programs and racking up wins, he earned his place in Division I.

It was interesting to read about Coach Bowden’s last days at Florida State. I was a student at Florida State that year, and remember the mood and tone around campus. It was interesting to read how things were inside the athletic department during this time.

Has anyone else read Bowden’s book? Let us know how it influenced you as a coach.

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