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8-Man and Canadian Football - We’ve Got You Covered

8 man football

One of the most amazing things about working at Hudl is watching the developers take an idea from a concept to reality, in what feels like no time at all. Recently, we’ve talked about how many tools out there don’t fully support football programs who don’t play 11-Man. Fewer men, shorter field, longer field, no 4th down…the list goes on. These teams need a tool to analyze video just as much.

Throw a little brain power and a splash of dedication at the problem and we’ve got ourselves a solution. Now, our breakdown settings and reports fully support both 8-man and Canadian football. Curious how these teams use Hudl? Let Coach Dobbins, from Howells High School in Nebraska, show you:

A couple things about these new features:

  • The change in breakdown data will only apply to Hudl.com, so you’ll need to break down video online, rather than in the Video Editor.
  • These are features that we’ll need to turn on for your team. If you’re an 8-man or Canadian team, email sales@hudl.com or call 402.817.0060 and we would love to switch it on for you.
  • The new tools will support both a Canadian field with three downs and a-110 yard field as well as a Canadian field with four downs and 110-yard field.

Kim works on our Internal Sales team. She loves helping coaches by connecting them with the amazing talent she works with everyday. Although from Omaha, she’s a Missouri Tiger J-School grad which is a point of contention for many Huskers in the office.

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