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The Weekly Hudl: President Obama Talks Sports, Nike Turns Socks into Shoes, and more

In this week’s rundown, President Obama tells us why sports is our common thread, Nike creates yet another paradigm in athletic gear, and we learn what an unlimited data plan for your smart phone really means. We also discuss major issues in college baseball and found a reminder of one of the craziest nights in sport’s history.

Video: BS Report: Barack Obama

Source: Grantland Hudlies

Here’s your chance to hear what the President of the United States has to say about the biggest sports stories of the last few months. Bill Simmons sat down with President Obama to see exactly what role sports play in his life. Spoiler Alert: He watches Sportscenter in the mornings just like everyone else.

“It reminded me of the kind of bond sports creates in people. For all our differences…most folks understand sports…because there’s not a lot of BS ultimately in who is winning and who is losing.”

Read the full article here.

B1G Wants Summer Baseball

Source: Mercury News Hudlies

College baseball is one of those sports that only comes to the forefront of national media once a year during the College World Series. This article discusses the extreme differences in resources that northern schools face when compared with their southern counterparts. There is a push from some Big 10 schools to play games in the summer as opposed to February - June. In doing this, teams would almost certainly be forfeiting any chance of being selected to the NCAA tournament.

“There were four SEC teams in the College World Series last year. We’re never going to catch those people,” he said. “The system works for them, and they’re not going to want to change it. People are going to criticize this idea, but we need to get people talking about it.”

Read the full article here.

Socks as shoes? Nike says yes.

Source: Fast Company Hudlies

Just when we thought Nike had mastered the lightweight running shoe movement, they go and totally blow all other shoe models out of the water. Nike’s new Flyknit shoe introduces not only a new concept in a shoe - shoes that feel like knit socks—but also an entirely new technology not available before this shoe. The shoe is four years in the making and will make its debut in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

“A sock fits great, feels snug, goes unnoticed, and you get no irritation. So the idea was, how do you engineer a sock into a high-performance shoe?”

Read the full article here.

Revising the Limits for the Unlimited

Source: New York Times Hudlies

If you live in a heavily-populated region of the country, you’ve probably noticed your internet connection to your smartphone is losing speed. AT&T and other cell phone carriers are drawing a lot of flak for it, but the cause behind it is a harsh reality: too many people are using mobile devices that eat up the limited bandwidth that carriers offer (despite carriers marketing it as “unlimited”).

“For several days afterward, the data speeds on Mr. Spaccarelli’s iPhone were so slow that checking email, Web browsing, and using apps that required an Internet connection were impossible. Unhappy, he sued AT&T in small-claims court in Simi Valley, where he argued that AT&T could not sell him an unlimited data plan while significantly limiting its speeds. A judge ruled in his favor last Friday, and he won $850.”

Read the full article here.

The Malice at the Palace

Source: Grantland Hudlies

Almost 8 years have passed since what is surely the ugliest night in NBA history. This articles stitches together the memories of dozens of people who were involved and provides a surprisingly seamless narrative of that night.

“We interviewed as many of the participants and witnesses as we could from that night for this oral history — everyone is listed with his or her job title on November 19, 2004. Or, as the most infamous night in NBA history would come to be known, “The Malice at the Palace.”

Read the full article here.

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