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The Weekly Hudl: Hashtag your way to better savings, new iPad review, and more

In this week’s Weekly Hudl: Another excuse to tweet during the day, The Verge convinces us to go out and buy a hot new iPad, reduce your risk of injury during training, find the value in taking the stairs, and weigh in on the new kickoff rules.

Hashtag Your Way to Better Savings

Source: Fast Company Hudlies

American Express launched a new program this week that gives cardmembers the opportunity to earn future savings from stores like Whole Foods, Best Buy, and Zappos, simply by following these brands and retweeting certain hashtags. The program syncs your AmEx account with your Twitter account, and loads the offer automatically into your account after it is tweeted, for example: Whole Foods tweets an offer with the hashtag #AmexWholeFoods, and cardholders simply have to retweet the hashtag to receive the offer.

“AmEx has finally developed a way to demonstrate a tweet’s ROI—and not just in terms of commerce. The benefit of the service is as much about the deal for the consumer as it is the data for the merchant.”

Read the full article here.

The 5% Rule

Source: Triathlete Magazine Hudlies

Dr. Jordan D. Metzler is a nationally recognized sports medicine specialist who has run 29 marathons and nine Ironmans and recently published The Athlete’s Book of Home Remedies. He’s an advocate of the 5% rule which has helped me with my running training. The 5% rule is a simple way to minimize your risk of getting a running induced injury: Keep your mileage low if your current body weight is more than 5 percent your ideal racing weight. Each extra pound loads 5-8 pounds of force across your back, hips, knees, and ankles while running.

“Whether it be swimming, biking or weight training, get yourself strong and in shape before you start logging serious running miles, otherwise you’re bound to end up injured and out of the race altogether.”

Read the full article here.

Concerns Surrounding New Kickoff Rule

Source: Football Scoop Hudlies

Skeptics of the new touchback rule think safety may not have been kept in mind when the rule was put into place. Coaches are concerned that moving touchbacks from the 20 yard line out to the 25 may lead to some dangerous collisions on the field.

“I think you high pooch it and cover it, what I think will happen is if you get effective at that, you’re putting the other team even more at risk than what the rule intended because unless he fair catches it, he can really take a shot because everyone is closer.”

Read the full article here.

New iPad Review, Detailed Pictures, Video, and More!

Source: The Verge Hudlies

Even though we all love our iPad 2’s here at Hudl, there’s no denying Apple’s brand new iPad is pretty sweet. The main perks – unbelievable screen, big camera upgrades (video and still pics), faster processor, and super-quick 4G internet connection. The Hudl iPad app has never looked sexier.

“It has the best display I’ve ever seen. Not just on mobile…overall.”

Read the full article here.

Trade your Elevator Time for a Hike up the Stairs

Source: Men’s Health Hudlies

There’s a lot of value in taking the stairs each day. The simple task of taking the stairs rather than the elevator can increase your VO2max (aerobic fitness level) by an impressive amount depending on how many stairs you are trudging up or down.

“The reason for the benefits from an otherwise short workout spread through the workday? A short, high-intensity exercise is just as effective at improving your aerobic fitness as doing cardio at a long, low-intensity”

Read the full article here.

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