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The Weekly Hudl: Google Chrome is #1, Ohio Teams Rock March Madness, and more

This week: Mystery sounds coming from the ground in a small Wisconsin town, Google Chrome makes its climb to #1, we begin to rethink anything we’ve ever known about branding, the state of Ohio single-handedly takes over March Madness, and a little weekend motivation.

When the Ground Goes Bump in the Night

Source: New York Times Hudlies

This article reads as if it was straight out of a science fiction novel. Strange noises have been coming from the earth in this small Wisconsin town. There have been many hypotheses on what is causing these strange noises ranging from dynamite to an underground river. The most likely scenario: a series of micro-earthquakes.

“Verda Schultz, 47, thought someone was slamming car doors outside her house, but when she got up to yell at the person, she noticed that all the people in her neighborhood were already gathering on the street in their pajamas. “There’s something radically wrong with this earth,” she said, noting that her horses and dog have been acting oddly for a few days.”

Read the full article here.

Google Chrome is #1 for a Day

Source: San Francisco Chronicle Hudlies

You have heard us sing the praises of Google Chrome a thousand times! It’s fast, slick, and incredibly easy to use. Those three strengths have let it chip away at the massive market share held by Internet Explorer over the last few years. On Sunday, March 18, for the first time ever, Google Chrome’s usage beat out Internet Explorer’s. The next day, Internet Explorer climbed back up to the top spot, but its brief drop to second place punctuates an incredible trend: Google Chrome is steadily becoming the most popular internet browser out there.

Read the full article here.

Can you recognize these products?

Source: Gizmodo Hudlies

It is easy to recognize a product simply by looking at the packaging. Here is a little test to see if you can recognize the product sans all of the branding and colors. Gizmodo explains how a new blog is making them rethink the importance of branding and packaging.

“Some products are so ingrained into the mushy greyness of our brains that we can spot their branding on just the shape of the product alone. It’s kinda sick, isn’t it?”

Read the full article here.

What’s in the water in Ohio?

Source: Cleveland.com Hudlies

Ohio has four schools in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. With Ohio State beating Cincinnati last night, there is still the potential that three Ohio Schools make the Final Four. More likely though is that an Ohio school will win the National Title for the first time in 50 years.

“Everyone knew Ohio would be a battleground state in 2012, but it figured to be in November for the presidential election, not in March for the NCAA basketball tournament. Isn’t this a football state?”

Read the full article here.

The Team

Source: Silicon Prairie News/Youtube Hudlies

To counteract all the Ohio love we just dished out, here is a fantastic speech our friends at Silicon Prairie News shared from Bo Schembechler; simply known as “The Team Speech”. If you are looking for some motivation or are spending the offseason tweaking your pre-game speeches, this video will do the trick.

Read the full article here.

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