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Help Athletes Quickly Recognize Formations with Online Quizzes

ProProfs MacArthur

Coaches are constantly looking for new ways to keep their athletes focused through the week. Using video to scout your opponent is a great way to prepare them, but it’s also great to have a way to supplement your film study. One of our field reps, Frank Steele, uses a website called ProProfs to create free online quizzes to test his players’ knowledge of formations and develop the ability to quickly recognize them.

At the beginning of the week, Frank sets up the quiz and allows a generous amount of time for his players to answer each of the questions. Each day, he will cut back the amount of time, and by game day, athletes are only getting 10 seconds to recognize the opponent’s formations, routes, etc.

Check out this example that Frank created.

What do you do to prepare your athletes for game day and keep them focused throughout the week?

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