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The Weekly Hudl: Super Bowl Sunday, USC talks Scholarship limits, and more

We’re excited to bring you the first edition of The Weekly Hudl. Each Friday, we’ll post a compilation of our favorites from the week—ranging from articles to apps. We want to know what your favorites are too, so be sure to post them below.

Here are five of our favorite articles from this week:

Brady’s Post Super Bowl Daze

Source: Yahoo Sports

Could there be a better way to start the week off than the Super Bowl? We felt bad that the Patriots couldn’t hold on last Sunday, but our feelings were nothing compared to what Tom Brady felt post game. Dan Wetzel does a great job profiling Brady in the moments right after Sunday’s game.

“The minutes ticked by and Brady didn’t move. Across the Patriots’ locker room there was dejection and depression, hushed whispers and thousand-yard stares. This is the pain of almost having everything. This was the hurt of winding up with nothing.”

Read the full article here.

Super Bowl 2012 Commercials

Source: Mashable

If you are like us and used the commercial breaks during the Super Bowl to refill on Coke Zero and wonderfully unhealthy cheese dip, you missed some great commercials. Mashable has got you covered with a replay of all 54 nationally-aired commercials. There was also this one that only aired in the great state of Nebraska.

“This year, 30-second spots sold for $3.5 million. That price point sounds expensive, but this is just about the only opportunity of year when viewers actually anticipate commercials. There are, of course, many of us who only watch the Super Bowl for the ads.”

Read the full article here.

College Hoops Cheat Sheet

Source: NBC Sports

If you are fan who can only focus on one sport at a time, welcome to basketball season! Here is a great article that breaks down the current state of college hoops that should get you up to speed quickly. Hopefully you tuned in soon enough to watch the ending of this game.

Read the full article here.

USC by the Numbers

Source: Yahoo Sports

Dr. Saturday sheds some light on how USC is dealing with the scholarship limits imposed by the NCAA. Coach Kiffin has certainly done a great job figuring out the numbers game and we don’t think it will hurt them next year. Especially with Matt Barkley returning to LA for his senior season.

“So how is it, then, that the same roster looks essentially healthy not only for 2012, when USC will be widely favored to play for a national championship behind senior quarterback Matt Barkley, but more or less for the foreseeable future? In large part, obviously, because the depth chart is still loaded with first-rate talent.”

Read the full article here.

iPad 3: What We Think We Know

Source: Gizmodo

In case you are still holding off on buying a tablet, we recommend you wait until more details come out on the iPad 3. Some of these rumored upgrades will make that HD video on the Hudl App look even better!

“One of the iPhone’s most beloved features is its ultrasharp retina display. And while the iPad 2’s screen is no lightweight, a bump up in pixel density is one of the most hotly anticipated iPad 3 improvements. “

Read the full article here.

What other favorites would you like to see in The Weekly Hudl? Let us know.

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