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The Weekly Hudl: Hudl Employee in the Spotlight, Happy Birthday Michael Jordan, and more

In today’s Weekly Hudl secrets behind conference realignment deals are revealed, track stars take on the 40-yard dash, the creators of the world’s most popular photo app for iOS explain their priorities, VP of User Experience Kyle Murphy is in the spotlight, and our own Brandon Gries pays homage to his childhood hero.

See who was reading what this week:

Memphis joins the Big East

Source: commercialappeal.com Hudlies

Ever wonder how all these conference realignment deals are struck? This article provides an awesome breakdown of how the power players in college athletics do business. In fact, it’s not as complicated as you might think – professional connections and dinner reservations play a big part.

“By now, Marinatto probably knew all he needed to know as it pertained to evaluating the University of Memphis’ worthiness of an invitation to the Big East. Yet dinner provided the unmistakable opportunity to gauge the full measure of the marriage that was about to take place—to look across a table and see one another’s eyes and, by extension, their commitments.”

Read the full article here.

Learning the 40 with an Olympian

Source: Yahoo Sports Hudlies

The validity of the 40-yard dash when evaluating football players is always a hot topic. This article tries to explain why mastering it is so important in starting an NFL career. Ato Boldon, an Olympic caliber sprinter, takes on trainees looking to improve their 40 time before the NFL Draft.

“How often does a player run straight in a game of football? Not often but it isn’t about that, it is like the SATs in that the 40 is a level playing field for teams to judge how fast an athlete is and get an idea about his speed.”

Read the full article here.

Inside Instagram

Source: Gizmodo Hudlies

We here at Hudl are very familiar with the challenges a start-up company can face. This article explains how Instagram, one of the leading photo-sharing apps available on iOS devices, balanced creating a feature-packed product and keeping that product up and running during its massive increase in popularity.

“Everything became a priority, and because everything became a priority we had to focus on what was most important which was to keep the site going and make users really happy.”

Read the full article here.

Prairie Portrait: Kyle Murphy

Source: Silicon Prairie News Hudlies

Silicon Prairie News did a short profile of our VP - User Experience, Kyle Murphy. Murph, as he is known around the office, is as good as they get when it comes to designing workflows and interactions. This article gives you a behind-the-scenes look at who Kyle takes his inspiration from and how he goes about solving problems our coaches face.

“The purpose is to never lose sight of the fact that real people use our software for mission-critical tasks.”

Read the full article here.

Happy Birthday, MJ!

Source: midwestsportsfans.com Hudlies

This article has everything you need to celebrate the birthday of the greatest basketball player ever. There are multiple highlight videos that will have you remembering the glory days of the Bulls, including MJ’s 23 greatest moments.

“On his birthday, let’s remember His Airness – the only athlete of my lifetime who I and everyone I know always expected to come through every time his team needed him to; and most of the time, of course, he did.”

Read the full article here.

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