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Streamline the Player Grading Process

When we started using Hudl three years ago, we were focused on both learning the basics and also diving in deeper to use the software to its full potential.

What we found was that not only does it meet our needs as a video analysis tool but also the solution to another common problem that we, as well as other coaches, were facing:

How can I use Hudl to grade my players practice or game performance?

This problem is easily solved using Hudl’s custom columns and views options. Here is a quick step-by-step introduction on how we used it as a staff to grade our players last year: Grading Players Hudl

Step 1

From the library page, create columns for your positions:

  1. Hang your mouse over the Change Columns button, located above your play data.
  2. In the resulting window, click Manage Sets to create a custom view for your position. Grading Players Hudl

Step 2

Once in the Manage Sets window:

  1. Click Create New Set. In the resulting text box, title the set to fit your position. For example, I named mine Wide Receiver Grades.
  2. Add and remove the columns that you need to see during grading.
  3. Create new columns by clicking Add a Custom Column. (shown above)
  4. Once you have named it click Create This Set.
  5. Notice that for my receivers, I have added** X#, X+/-,** and X Note.
    • X# is used to record which X receiver is in the game so I can sort it by player later.
    • X +/- is the column where I grade that player’s performance on that play based on the grading scale we decided on.
    • X note allows me to record specific details/coaching concepts for the player to read later.
  6. Click Save This Set

Step 3

Once you have created the new views, click Change Columns above your breakdown data and choose the column set that you want to use (e.g., WR Grades). This will switch the play data you see in the library.

Step 4

Grade your film.

Export Data to Excel Hudl

Step 5

  1. When your are finished grading, click the More button on the right side of the screen then click Export Data to Excel. A standard dialog box will ask you where to save the file.
  2. Choose how you want to save it and then open it through excel to see a sortable copy that you can print, tally, and distribute to other coaches and players.

Do you do anything special to grade your players?

Coach Nichols has coached football at nearly every level from middle school to college. He is currently Wide Receivers Coach at Hope College in Holland, Mich. Over his career, he has developed a reputation as an innovator and teacher of the game. He also runs the company Full Throttle Online, its goal to share the best of football blogging and free coaching resources with coaches around the world.

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