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Hudl Support Surveys Explained

If you’ve called or emailed us before, chances are you’ve gotten one of our surveys. You might fill it out, you might not. Either way, we take the survey results seriously.

Hudl was created to help coaches win, and in support it’s no different. We look through every single survey, good and bad, and follow up with everyone who has a suggestion or doesn’t get their issue resolved.

If you haven’t seen one before, we ask you to rank us (awesome, average, or awful) on our knowledge, courtesy, and response time. Here are some support stats from 2011:

  • We took more than 37,000 phone calls and more than 2,700 people filled out surveys in 2011.
  • Of those 2,700 surveys:
    • 95% said we were awesome at getting their issue resolved.
    • 98% said we were awesome at being courteous.
    • 84% said we had an awesome response time.
  • During our peak time, the football season, our response time never dipped below 65%.

Hudl 2011 Support Graph

Our goal is to provide world-class support 100% of the time. We definitely encourage you to fill out the surveys because it’s the best way for us to make sure our coaches are getting the help they need.

If you are still having issues after talking with us, let us know. If you absolutely love us and wish you could marry one of us (yes, we’ve seen that in a survey response), you can let us know that too. We want to do everything we can to help you out (short of marrying you).

We love feedback. Leave any you might have below.

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