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Hudl Helps: The Wikimedia Foundation


For my Hudl Helps donation, I chose to donate to The Wikimedia Foundation – the non-profit company behind Wikipedia.

In my life there have been a number of things I’ve benefited from “for free.” In the back of mind I’ve wanted to give back to some of those services and institutions. An organization that develops and curates a free, globalized online encyclopedia deserves a little kickback. That’s why I decided to donate.

I use (and continue to use) Wikipedia for every single research project I’m a part of. Sometimes it’s for work—like learning more about a particular part of the sports industry. Sometimes it’s for fun. Did you know there’s a full list of every downloadable song for Rock Band?

In 2011, around 470 million unique people visited one of the Wikimedia Foundation’s sites. It’s the fifth most trafficked site on the web.

If you’d like to help this non-profit** support an incredible amount of web traffic**, you can donate here. Then you won’t feel so guilty using it as your only source for your school reports.

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