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Help Raise Money for Your Team with Hudl DVD Fundraising

Hudl Fundraising

We all know that coaching a sport isn’t an easy thing to do. We also know that running a sport involves some cash money. Since it doesn’t grow on trees, schools have to get creative to raise money. Teams all across the nation are selling discount cards, having hog roasts, and holding lift-a-tons to raise money. By the time your team has to pay for new equipment—jerseys, weights, and transportation—the last thing you want to do is spend any more money on video editing software. Fundraising can be very time consuming for a team and adds another stressor to your job. We heard the pain points and now we want to help!

We are excited to introduce a new feature called Hudl DVD Fundraising. The idea is that for every DVD or highlight download purchased, your team will get dollars kicked back to your Hudl invoice. The goal of Hudl Fundraising is to have Hudl pay for itself and provide the coach with an easy and stress-free way of raising money for their team. Here’s how the dollars will work:


  • Cost: $25
  • Dollars back to your team: $8

Highlight Download

  • Cost: $9
  • Dollars back to your team: $4

DVD + Highlight Download

  • Cost: $29
  • Dollars back to your team: $10

Hudl Fundraising

Hudl Fundraising will now give your team the ability to purchase full game DVDs. You can finally own the game against your cross-town rival, the triple-overtime thriller, and the state championship game.

Privacy Settings

Don’t worry coaches - you are able to control the privacy settings for your full games.

Here are the full-game access settings:

  • Public- Anyone will have access to buy your film
  • Password Protected- A team admin will create a password that could be given out to friends, family, fans, and booster club members. The coach can reset the password anytime by simply going to the Manage Fundraising page
  • Hudl Account Only- Only people on your team roster (and have a login) can order game film.

Team admins will have the power to change these whenever you see fit.

How to get Started

We want this feature to be a simple and hands-off method of raising money for your school. With a few clicks your school can start raising money. All the coach (team admin) has to do is click Manage Fundraising then Start Raising Money Now and select your Full Game Access settings. After that, these three things will happen for your team:

  1. Full games will be available for sale
  2. DVD prices will be increased from $25 to $29 (Season, Premium Highlights, and full games)
  3. For every DVD sold, your team will earn $10 of Hudl credit that will be applied to your invoice


  • Get creative. Spend the extra time making your team/player highlights awesome with some music, spot shadows, and title slides by making premium highlights. Here’s how to make Premium Highlights.
  • Spread the word- Share your team page on Facebook or Twitter, let everyone know at practice, or send an email to your team, booster club, and parents!
  • Sharing is caring - The more people that have access to your game means the more people that can order your game (it’s science). Don’t be afraid to set Full Game access to** Password Protected** so boosters, students, or fans can order games.

We realize that fundraising can be a tough task, but is also critical. We want to help teams show off their highlights from the season to raise money and also allow parents, fans, and boosters to help their team win.

Happy Fundraising!

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