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Add Section Titles to Highlights, Fundraise with DVDs in 2012

Hudl Highlights Title

Before you show grandma your highlight reel over break, take a few minutes to spice it up by adding customized title slides. It’s super easy and it makes your reel look that much more professional.

Coaches: make sure to check your Manage page starting in early January to start raising money for your team by selling DVDs through Hudl. We handle payment, processing, and shipping so you can focus on delivering a great product to your community!

Create Highlight Section Titles Watch this 90-second demonstration and notice how easy it is to add more context to your highlight reels:

Start Fundraising with DVDs in 2012

Our goal is to help you make Hudl pay for itself.

Hudl Fundraising

Over the next few weeks we’ll begin rolling out our new DVD Fundraising features. We’ve made a few tweaks based on feedback from coaches who helped us beta test the new system. Look for it under the Manage heading starting in January.

Add Special Camp/Practice Entries on Your Schedule & Library

One place our Library organization breaks down is during camp and off-season practice. If you’re recording video at these events it doesn’t fit nicely underneath a typical “game” entry in your schedule.

Hudl Schedule off season

So now when you create a Camp/Practice schedule entry, we’ll ask you how many sub-events should go along with it. If you have summer two-a-days for a week, you might choose “10” and then label each one. Then, on the Library page you’ll have a convenient place for video from each practice at camp.

Post Transcripts & Documents to Athlete Profiles

Hudl Academic

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. Athletes and coaches can attach simple documents to the Academic section of an athlete’s profile. Just click the blue button and select the file you want to upload. Only your teams’ coaches, the specific athlete, and authorized and verified recruiters can see this information.

If you make a mistake or have updated versions of the same document, you can delete one with the trash can icon.

See Your Dashboard & Overlays on Hudl for Android 2.0

If you haven’t updated your Hudl for Android app yet, you should. You can stay up-to-date on team activity with the Dashboard feature and also see your clip data overlaid on top of video clips in full screen mode.

We’re really excited about pushing our mobile apps a lot further in 2012.

Coming Soon: iPad Sorting, Filtering, & New Controls

Here’s a quick preview of a simple filter applied to the ODK column in our close-to-being-ready iPad update.

Hudl Filter Controls

Other Stuff We’ve Been Working On

Here are a few other items that’ve kept us busy:

  • Recruiting - We continued to invest time building tools to help college recruiters discover your athletes. We need this groundwork in place for 2012. That’s when we’ll start giving you, the high school coach, amazing insight into how your efforts help or hinder the recruitment of your athletes. As always, feel free to email us if you want to learn more about our newest product, Hudl Recruit.
  • More Invoice & Billing Enhancements - Last month we made our invoicing system a bit smarter. This month we’re adding an Email button to the Invoice page so you can send it to the right person. We also added clearer descriptions of our products and include the method of payment when an invoice is actually paid.
  • “Film Study” Library Category for Hudl Pro / XOS Lightning - Our upper echelon clients continue to push us in supporting giant libraries of video. They watch so much film in the off-season and much of it is totally unrelated to their team—maybe they’re trying to study a particularly effective NFL offense. We’re giving these teams some new Library management tools we hope to bring to our other customers in the future.

Kyle is Hudl’s VP of User Experience. He’d love to hear from you if you’ve ever had a particularly good or bad experience with Hudl.

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