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An Athlete’s Guide to Highlights

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Although the season is almost over, there is work still to be done. It is now time to work on creating highlight reels and getting recruited!

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Highlights:

Private vs. Public Highlights

Public Highlights:

Allows recruiters, parents, and fans to watch your team’s highlights without having a Hudl account.

  • Access is only given to the Athlete Profile Page. Viewers will not be able to access anything in your library or the athlete’s library.
  • Highlights will be linked to MaxPreps when set to public.

Private Highlights:

Restricts viewing of certain angles.

  • Still allows for athletes and coaches to make highlight reels. However, in order for the highlights to be viewed a recruiting package must be sent.
  • As the coach you can decide which angles of film you want to give permission to be highlighted.
  • Players may get a message saying “The angle is set as Private.” You will be able to control those settings in the Manage Privacy page.

Selecting Highlights

Tagging a highlight

Click the star next to the each clip that you wish to add to your highlights.

No Star to click?

There will be no star to select if the film was published as Practice, Opponent Scout, or Exchanged to you by another team. Your coach will have to republish the film under game footage in order to make the star appear.

See more about creating highlights.

Premium Highlights

Enables you to enhance your highlight videos by choosing which clips and angles to include and their order, adding spot shadows or arrows, and adding music.

Creating Premium Highlights

Follow this tutorial to create premium highlights. After creating a Premium highlight be sure and click Save and Close.

Features Available on Premium Highlights:

  • Music: You can add up to three songs from Hudl’s built-in music selection, or your own MP3’s.
  • Spot Shadows: Spot shadows will have to be recreated on the athlete profile page. Highlights that a coach makes on cutups will not carry over to the athlete page.

Sharing Highlights

  • If your highlights are listed as public, you can copy the web address at the top of the page and send it out.
  • You can also click the share button to choose which website you’d like to share the highlights to.

How to Get Your Highlights

Purchase a DVD or Download Your Highlights

What can I do with my DVD and download?

  • The DVD has no copyright restrictions, so you can burn as many copies as you’d like.
  • You can upload your film to YouTube or other recruiting services.
  • If you purchase a download, you will receive an email with a link to your highlights. Once you click the link, your download will begin.
  • You will be able to burn the highlights onto a DVD with your own DVD burning software.
  • The download will be available for two weeks after you’ve purchased it, so make sure you click the link and save it to your computer once you get the email.

Questions about your DVD? Email DVD@hudl.com

Questions about highlights? Email support@hudl.com

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