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Football Play Card Report, Download Video Directly from Hudl.com

Play Card Report Hudl

Today we’re introducing a brand new report for football teams that will help them save time.

We also recently added a way for coaches to download video directly from Hudl.com instead of always going through Hudl Video Editor first.

Keep reading for the details and a video of the big new feature.

Play Card Report

A big part of what we do at Hudl is help coaches save time. One thing a lot of football coaches spend a lot of time on is creating play cards for practice each week.

We’ve got a new report that should cut down on that time. You can run this report against any playlists tagged with OFF FORM and OFF PLAY to generate a nice stack of printable play cards. You can use the Table of Contents as an overview and the Card # as a “codename” for a play in your practice scripts on the field.

You can’t draw on them in Hudl but they should create a consistent base on which to draw by hand after you’ve printed them. We left the circles blank so you can color them in or include a key player’s jersey number.

This is something new for us but we’re excited by how it came together so quickly. We’ve already got some improvements in mind after seeing some of our beta tester coaches try it out. Email us how you’ll use it and how you’d make this report better.

Download Video from Hudl.com

From your Manage Library page you can select any playlist and click Download. We even provide a few convenient options for the video format.

Download Video from Hudl.com Hudl

Depending on which format you choose, it can take a little time to prepare your download. We’ll send you an automated email when your video is ready.

Revamped Team Pages

We want to make your Team page a hub for activity on your squad. Currently, it lists your roster, schedule, and team highlights so that fans can re-live your success. In the future we hope to provide more resources for fans and recruiters on these pages.

Our old layout didn’t have much room to grow, so we changed it to be in harmony with your Athlete pages.

See how they look.

Coming Soon: Watch Video from an SD Card on iPad

We recently submitted a new version of our iPad app to the App Store. It includes a number of bug fixes and a nifty feature that’s geared toward NFL and Div. 1 teams.

Hudl Watch Video on SD car on iPad

Those teams usually have long rides (or flights) home after away games and we wanted to give them a way to use our app to review game video during that time. So, you can now import and watch video from an SD card within the Hudl iPad app.

If you want to try it out, you’ll need a special adapter from Apple.

Other Noteworthy Changes

  • The Player Stats report received a couple of bug fixes and improvements (e.g. a QB scramble will now count toward rushing yards).
  • DSV teams and their video have fully migrated to Hudl. Cutups created after August 1, 2011 and synced to your DSV Anywhere account will automatically appear in Hudl within 30 minutes to an hour of pressing the sync button.
  • Our product team is actively working on new ways to help recruiters discover your athletes. Look for more news in the coming months.

Kyle is Hudl’s user experience manager. He’d love to hear from you if you’ve ever had a particularly good or bad experience with Hudl.

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