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Hidden Hudl Gems: Keyboard Shortcuts Every Hudl User Should Know

Full Screen Firefox Hudl

This is part three in my series on shortcuts and features that many of our users might not know about, but can save them some serious time in Hudl (check out part one and part two). Read on to learn more about a few keyboard shortcuts that can save you time and help you get the most out of your Hudl view.

Keyboard Shortcut #1: Full-Screen that Browser!

All the junk that you see at the top and bottom of your browser – menus, toolbars, the address bar, etc., is called “chrome” your browser will allow you to get rid of all of that extra stuff to make room for what really matters: your video and your breakdown. Here’s how to do it in each browser.

Windows users:

Internet Explorer 1. Press F11. 1. You can also click Tools in the top right and choose Full Screen.

Google Chrome 1. Press F11. 1. You can also click on the wrench icon and choose Full Screen.

Firefox 1. Press F11. 1. You can also click View in the main menu and choose Full Screen.

Mac users:

Safari 1. Click View. 1. Hide Toolbar. 1. Hide Bookmarks Bar. 1. Hide Status Bar.

Firefox 1. Click View. 1. Select Toolbars. 1. Uncheck Navigation Tool Bar and Bookmarks Tool Bar.

Chrome Full Screen

Chrome 1. Press Command+Shift+F, or click the wrench in the corner and click the diagnol arrows next to the Zoom option.

Check out this video to see some quick examples of how full-screen mode works in a few different browsers on Windows .

To Recap, keep in mind the easiest way to do it is to not click anything:

  • Windows: Press F11 key on your keyboard. On most browsers, that will put you straight into full screen mode. Press it again to go back to normal.
  • Mac: Press Apple+Shift+F.

Keyboard Shortcut #2: Shift+Click to Select Multiple Clips at Once

This one works in your library on www.hudl.com and in the Hudl Video Editor. If you want to get several clips in a row, for example all 42 clips of you running QB SNEAK, and put them in a playlist. Spare that index finger! Don’t go on a clicking frenzy!

Save yourself time:

  1. Check the box next to the first clip that you want.
  2. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard.
  3. Check the box of the last clip that you want.

Hudl will automatically check all the clips in between - two clicks instead of 42. The Shift+Click shortcut works in a lot of programs, including selecting files in Windows and on a Mac.

Check out the video to see a quick example of how to use this in Hudl.

Keyboard Shortcut #3: Quick Keys to Control Video Playback

Admittedly, Hudl’s keyboard shortcuts aren’t the most intuitive. They are set up to work best with the Smart Pointer remote ( We definitely recommend this remote for coaches watching a lot of video).

Once you get used to the shortcuts, they are a great way to navigate through your playlists when you don’t have a remote handy or don’t want to use your mouse.

Here’s a quick rundown of how they work. They’re in order of usefulness – so if you only remember two or three of them, remember the top ones:

  • Down arrow: Press to toggle between play and pause.
  • Up arrow: Press to replay the current clip.
  • Down arrow: Hold for slow motion forward.
  • Up arrow: Hold for slow motion reverse.
  • Page Down: Advance to next clip.
  • Page Up: Jump back to previous clip.

To try them out, go to your Library on http://www.hudl.com, load up a video clip, and start tapping away.

We are always looking for other Hudl tips and tricks from our users. Have a favorite one you want to share? Post it in the comments below.

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