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HD Publish, Frequency Sort, and Team Premium Highlights

Hudl Formations Analyze

There’s a ton of Hudl goodness in our latest release and it’s all just in time for the start of the football season.

We’re excited for you to take advantage of it and dominate in Week 1.

There’s a lot to cover. Let’s take a look:

High Definition (HD) Publishing

We can hardly believe it, but it’s here: end-to-end high-definition video in Hudl.

Let me say that another way:

You can watch HD video on Hudl.com if you capture and publish in HD from the Hudl Video Editor!

Hudl Video HD Online

Bryce, our resident video robot-ninja-pirate (he’s more adept than all three combined), has a word of caution. HD publishing takes significantly longer than regular ‘ol SD.

In other words, that eye-popping video quality comes at a price. Your computer just takes longer to process and encode higher quality media.

We give you the choice between HD and SD when you publish (assuming you captured HD video from your camera). If you’re on a less-than-stellar laptop or you need to get the video online soon-ish, consider choosing SD. If you choose HD and it takes a lot longer than you expect (or have time for), you can switch down to SD during the publish.

Frequency Sort

We made some pretty significant changes to the sorting and filtering functions—the biggest of which is that you can sort by how many times a value appears in the clips list.

Want to pull up an opponent’s most common formation or play? Just knock click three times on the OFF FORM or OFF PLAY column headers.

You can get the same behavior by hovering over the column header and clicking the new “Analyze” button. That brings up our filtering menu. Click on any value to show just the clips that match your selection below. Then, click the “Sort by Frequency” (three little bars) button at the bottom of the menu.

That will order all the values by their frequency, show you relative differences, and sort the list below—all with one click.

Frequency Sort Hudl Video

“What’s Next?” Report

Erik wrote some cool algorithms for Hudl’s football reports that “look ahead” one play after certain conditions. Does your opponent like to Pass after Run or Run after Pass? What do they do after big plays?

Our “What’s Next?” Report should help you answer those questions.

Hudl "What's Next?" Option Football Video

The report warns you if it has “low confidence” in its suggestions. That yellow warning icon indicates the sample size was too small or if there wasn’t any strong trend in the data.

Team Premium Highlights

Coaches can now make premium highlights from any clips marked as “Team Highlight.” What makes a premium highlight? Spot shadows, music, and title slides, of course.

Hudl Team Premium Highlights

After you’ve marked some clips as “Team Highlight” by clicking the star, visit your Highlights page (from the main navigation bar at the top of the screen). Then, click the “New Premium Highlight” button. From there, drag and drop clips, trim them using the green and red flags, and add spot shadows by clicking somewhere on the video. Don’t forget to add music.

We’ve been promising this one for a while. It’s just another example of how your feedback really does matter to us.

Other Changes and Additions

Here are some of the smaller changes you’ll notice:

  • “Fluid” Library Page - If you have a wide-screen monitor, you’ll notice that the Library page now fills up your entire screen. That should give you more room to edit and view data while you watch video.
  • Redesigned Support Page - Even if you like to figure things out for yourself, we recommend you check it out if you want to become a Hudl master.
  • Graduation Year on Roster - Instead of just tracking class, we track the year your players will graduate. This helps us be smarter about updating players’ information from season to season.
  • Feedback Site Requires Login - We let you use your existing Hudl login information to post on the feedback site. You don’t need to create a separate account.

Kyle is Hudl’s user experience designer. He’d love to hear from you if you’ve ever had a particularly good or bad experience with Hudl.

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