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Free Desktop Wallpapers and Logos

Dominate Hudl Logo

Coaches and parents have been requesting copies of our logos a lot recently. They’ve even asked for Hudl-themed desktop wallpapers.

We’re flattered. So, we spent a little time making a few simple backgrounds to put on your computer. While you’re at it, grab one of our logos to use on your team’s website.

Click on the links below to download the wallpapers and backgrounds:

“Dominate” Desktop Background

Hudl Dominate Desktop Wallpaper Background

“Hudl” Desktop Background

Hudl Desktop Wallpaper Background

Light & Dark Logo Versions

Leave a Comment Below

Let us know how you’re using these files. Send us a link to your team’s website so we can check it out.

We’d really love to see a photo of a computer lab with Hudl backgrounds on every PC. Extra bonus points if you tweet it at us.

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