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Achievements, More Efficient Navigation, Volleyball Reports

Hudl Achievements

We love it when coaches dive right in to Hudl. That’s what we hope everyone does during their 30-day trial.

But even when coaches are super motivated, we hear this question too often:

OK, so what do I do next?”

Starting today, we think Achievements will be the answer.

Team & Individual Achievements

The idea is simple: we reward coaches who work their way through the basics of Hudl. Each “level” (a grouping of related achievements), you earn rewards as individuals or as a team based on your level:

  • Silver - +2 hrs extra private video storage for each team level.
  • Gold - +3 hrs extra private video storage for each team level.
  • Platinum - A free Smart Pointer remote upon completion of the final level.
  • Individual - Level-up from Hudl Rookie, Veteran, and All-star to Champion.

It’s one of those “win-win” situations: coaches get free stuff and become Hudl experts all while helping us figure out how we can make that “next step” an easy and obvious one.

Everything you need to start achieving is on the left-side of the new Dashboard page.

More Efficient Navigation

How do I get to the new Dashboard page?” We’re glad you asked. Overview Page Hudl

Once you login to Hudl, you’ll notice we start you out at the re-designed Overview—it’s a lot like your old homepage. Just click the Dashboard link for the team you want to start working with. You can also click anywhere in the big box that appears as you hover over a team.

From your Dashboard you can launch into the normal areas for each team: Library, Highlights (formerly “Team”), and Manage.

Our old navigation was cumbersome. Every time you went to Library you had to choose between all the teams you were a part of. Yet, in-season for a particular sport, you are much more likely to click that sport than any others. So why show all of them—every time? It makes more sense to give you a way to navigate to other teams from some higher-level control.

Manage Schedule Hudl When we freed up that constraint, we opened up some much more useful possibilities for the navigation sub-menus.

If you ever need to get back to the Overview you can click the “Overview” link at the top of the page. Or, you can just click on the Hudl Logo in the top-left corner.

Our First Volleyball Reports

We added two basic reports for volleyball coaches: Box Score and Rotation.

Hudl Volleyball reports

  • Box Score - Shows each team’s basic stats including attacks, blocks, assists, serves and errors broken down for each athlete.
  • Rotation - Shows each team’s points “for” and “against” for the same basic stats—this time broken down by rotation number (1-6).

We need your feedback on the types of reports you’d like to see for volleyball in Hudl.

Kyle is a user experience designer. He juggles “all things design” for Hudl and enjoys reading text-books for fun.

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