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One of my favorite things about working at Hudl is the culture of continual learning. I’ve never been with a company that puts such focus on constant improvement, genuinely striving to help everyone “level up”.

Project Managers at Hudl are a very knowledge-hungry bunch. Between book discussions, weekly presentations on cutting-edge techniques and strategies, conference attendance, and more, there is never a lack of new information and always a chance to better our skills.

One way we expose ourselves to new ways of thinking is by sharing book and blog recommendations in our PM Basecamp thread and chatroom. Below is a list of those items that have inspired us as a team, with descriptions written by our CPO, John Wirtz.


  • Lean Startup – Great book to give the fundamentals of “lean” methodologies/thinking.
  • Lean UX – This is kind of the next level of understanding and applying Lean. Has a number of approaches we’ve been experimenting with here at Hudl to try to keep UX/Design tightly synced up with building product.


  • Etsy’s Code as Craft blog (here are some good posts to start with - http://codeascraft.etsy.com/category/philosophy/ I’d recommend “The Etsy Way” as the first)
  • Silicon Valley Product Group - blog by Marty Cagan – he also has a book called Inspired that covers similar concepts
  • NN/g group (Jakob Nielsen’s blog) – Solid tactical articles about UI, UX, and information architecture.
  • Ryan Singer (main designer at 37 Signals) blog – www.feltpresence.com

Blog Posts


Local Groups

  • Nebraska UX meetup – This is a solid group of designers, product strategists, and other Nebraskans pumped to build great software. Meets about every 5-6 weeks.

These are just a few of our favorites. We’ll keep compiling new articles and share again in a few months! If there are other sources you find inspiring, please share them in the comments below.

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