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Archives — June 2014

One of my favorite things about working at Hudl is the culture of continual learning. I’ve never been with a company that puts such focus on constant improvement, genuinely striving to help everyone “level up”. Project Managers at Hudl are a very knowledge-hungry bunch. Between book discussions, weekly presentations on cutting-edge techniques and strategies, conference attendance, and more, there is never a lack of new information and always a chance to better our skills.

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Last year, we rolled out a new way for schools to raise money: Hudl campaigns. Online donation pages are nothing new to the web, so we went to the drawing board to find a way to make ours stand out. What we came up with was a compelling video with highlights from the team, great transitions and effects, and a heartfelt interview from the head coach. Find out how we automated this process and made something that took one person a few hours to manually craft into something that can be rendered automatically in around 10 minutes.

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