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Archives — July 2013

Few people except my wife know how lazy I am. If I imagine the dread of a chore for more than a minute, I’ll avoid it completely. I’ll only be moved to act if I discover some shortcut, tool, or timeline investment that will save me a ton of time down the road.

Fixing Hudl’s bloated, out-dated information architecture (IA) has felt like a chore to me for over a year. The problem is that our app has two pages, “Library” and “Manage,” that have become dumping grounds for every new feature we release. Five years ago when we first built Hudl, these two pages made sense. But, over time, our product has outgrown its original structure.

Instead of just guessing at new ways to organize our content and features, we wanted to do it right. We discovered a user-centered research tool that could help us–online card sorting.

How to start fixing your app's broken IA »